The Chemistry Kit Is Four of Our Best-Selling Interviews On Attraction, for One Special Price

All together, these interviews give you a complete package that you can use no matter WHERE you are meeting women - in daytime, in bars or clubs, or in casual social settings.

  • Interview 1: Becoming a More Attractive Man with Derek Cajun and Chris Sehpherd

    Becoming a more attractive man isn’t just about how you look. It’s about cultivating the values, beliefs and attitudes of an attractive man.

    In this interview, Derek and Chris go into attraction at a deep level, while also giving practical tips on creating attraction that you can use in everyday life. (45 Minute Audio Interview)

  • Interview 2: State Based Attraction For Bars and Clubs with Sterling and Venture

    One key to creating attraction is keeping positive emotions high – especially in busy places like bars and parties. Creating these positive emotions is what we call “state-based attraction”.

    In this comprehensive interview, Love Systems Instructors Andrew Sterling and Andy Venture reveal how to use positive “state” to effectively build strong attraction with women in a nightclub, bar, or lounge. (1h 12 Minute Audio Interview)

  • Interview 3: Attraction in the Daytime With Rio and Darwin

    Creating attraction during the daytime can often be challenging, women are busy and often occupied with something else. 

    The silver lining is that women often tend to respect and trust men more who approach them during the daytime versus a nightclub setting, and will be more likely to answer your texts and phone calls if you manage to establish a connection.

    In this interview, Darwin and Rio thoroughly explain how to create strong attraction with women during the daytime, starting from the first few seconds of the approach. (1h 15 Minute Audio Interview)

  • Interview 4: Building Conversational Attraction Through Tension W/ House and Rio

    Tension can be a powerful tool when building attraction. Not only does it set the mood for playful arguing and banter, but if you do actually disagree with something she says, it can be used to ratchet up the attraction by establishing you as a man of conviction who sticks to his guns. House and Rio break down every aspect of tension, from the playful to the serious, along with the verbal and non-verbal ways to calibrate this technique.

    These techniques are perfect for building attraction on dates, or in casual social settings. (1 h Audio Interview)

That means you get over 4 hours of the top experts in the world giving you detailed advice on this one common problem. So you can get your chemistry problems, solved, FAST.

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